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Product Information.


Pet Feeder
Only you need your smartphone for care your pet.


If you on long trip, you can prevent your dog from eating too much by set up feed time and appropriate amount of food.

From any smart phone anywhere at any time, you can see in real time the state of the dog using the video transmitted from the feeder.

Check at any time the amount of feed remaining in the feeder.

Karmi Lineup

Karmi2-2 외관사진


  • This is Mini Karmi. It has included wifi connection.
  • You can feed or book the meal by smartphone application.
  • This model is small dog only
Karmi2-2 외관사진


  • It is a premium type that upgraded Karmi.
  • You can feed or book the meal by smartphone application.
  • You can mount a variety of IP cameras of your choice.

Hwo to use Karmi

Karmi App store
Download and install Karmi app from online app store
Karmi의 카메라를 통해 앱과 영상을 교환합니다.
Connect Karmi to Internet(WIFI) via smartphone.
※ If you have the Karmi and Smartphone, you can see your pet and feed the food.

How to use application

Startup Screen

Startup Screen

  • Karmi Setting: Register Karmi and connect to internet.
  • View Video: See camera screen.
  • Manual: User manual for app.
Karmi setting screen

Karmi setting screen

  • Amount: Set food amount per feeding.
  • Reservation: Set feeding time. (max 10 times a day)
  • Feed: Feed food.
  • Network setting: Setup networking to connect Karmi to internet.
  • Serial-key setting: Setup S/N of Karmi you want to control.
  • Password setting: Setup remote control password.
  • Connection mode: Connection type. One of Automatic and Manual
  • IP/PORT Configure: Setup Karmi's IP/PORT for direct connection without server.
  • Remote IR: Mange IR emit/IR-Learing function.