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Product Information.
Dog toilet trainer
Automatically change the pad of dog. And then your dog can get a snack.

Dog toilet trainer?

The trainer machine automatically change the pad of Dog via camera detection.
You can fix a special area for bowel training and dog can get a learning effect by snack rewards.

Dog trainer machine can prevent to eat the poop and generate the bad smell as change the pad immediately.

Usually the dog want to use a center of pad. If there is dirty center of pad, dog will try to use a edge of the pad. And then will be polluted the house.

The important of Beginning toilet trainning is reward immediately. The machine can be do this even nobody is there. So if you use this machine, your dog can learn more quickly.

Your dog can easily use this machine, if your dog use a pad already. Because this machine use same pad.

Dog toilet trainer Lineup



  • Can use small size under 4kg.
  • Can use 5times a day.
  • It is very luxuary design for the house interior.


  • Can use from over 4kg to lower middle size.
  • Can use 5times a day.

Demo Video