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Company Information
Seon electronics copmany is an electronic device research / development company founded in 2013 in Gumi, Korea.

Business Focus

With wireless network technology that utilizes WIFI and Bluetooth and experience of using various MCU and sensor module, Seon electronics stay focused on the products that were based on these technologies and Internet of Things (IoT).

The Karmi(tm), automatic pet feeder which can be controlled in rmote and Seon Remote Gas valve controller, WIFI development module, and other products are all based on these technolongies.

Global Business

Seon electronics has insights in China market and partnership and cooperation with company in China. With this experience, Seon electronics now ready to start new distribution business in China.

Lately, China and South Korea have officially signed a free trade agreement. With this agreement, Seon electornics expects good business opportunity in China market for business growth in near future.